Who is this little shit inside me?

Noely's Naughty Nightly Nitpick.

Never go to Croke Park in the middle of a nervous breakdown…….

You know that old saying don’t you? Surely your mother has told you this?

The first time I had a serious panic attack was on Hill 16 at the All Ireland Club final. I honestly thought I was having a full-blown heart attack and was going to die. It didn’t help that I was surrounded by what can only be described as men who evolution forgot. I couldn’t move. I was so dizzy I thought the whole stadium was spinning around me. One of the fellas beside says “Jaysus I think this young fella is going drop dead”

So did I.

Of course I didn’t and some nice young lady from Galway took me aside, calmed me down and told me I was only having a panic attack. And that’s when I first became aware of it. Since…

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