Day 4 – Quangos

In this entry I will discussing three quangos found in ''Mapping The State''. My previous entry can be found here

river (1)

A quango is defined as:

image taken from


The following quangos can be found on the map:

Refugee Appeals Tribunal


This stood out as timely, considering the refugee crisis in Europe. It is encouraging to see this resource for asylum seekers, to give them a fair hearing. They have come under criticism for their decisions as well as their conduct in dealing with refugees.

The tribunal is there to deal  with appeals made by Protection Officers on behalf of asylum seekers. They determine the outcome of these appeals, whether they are granted refugee status.

See here for more on the Refugee Appeals Tribunal.


Loughs Agency


This seems quite redundant on first glance, though it serves a purpose in maintaining our lakes and developing our aquaculture, as well as marine tourism.

Visit the Loughs Agency site for further information.





Raidio Teilifis Eireann targets the taxpayer through TV licenses fees. The quality of RTE broadcasting is often criticized as unworthy of the price the public pay for the programming.

The RTE website can be found here.

Are they needed?

Quangos are cited as wasteful, creating more jobs than are needed, ”jobs for the boys”. A symbol of cronyism. You can argue that some of them are important, like RTE for example, to provide quality television through public funding. But going by RTE’s output, is the money going to good use?





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