A Few Of My Favorite Things

In this post I'm listing my favourite books, apps, TV shows, films and YouTube channels.


These are a few of my favourite things. I’m a massive consumer of media and admire it’s ability to reach people.




Ever hear a song that catches your ears, remember some lyrics, maybe the melody, but not the title /artist? Failed Google searches leave you scratching your head as to what you actually heard. Shazam is a godsend for this. Just tap the listen button as a song plays in the background, and it will recognise it. Play it loud enough and you get the artist, the song, and the album. A sound, competent app that solves an age old problem.



The Lotto.ie app  allows you to check your numbers with all the functionality of the website, except with an added, convenient bonus. In the app, you can scan your ticket via the bar code found at the bottom. It instantly tells you if you’re a winner. Straightforward, and saves the hassle in going online and doing the numbers manually. No luck for me yet, unfortunately.


Curb Your Enthusiasm 


An older choice, having been around on and off for sixteen years, but it’s making a comeback later in 2017, and rightly so. ”Curb” follows Seinfeld writer and producer Larry David as he settles into semi-retired, married life. His daily exploits are never boring, with one social faux pas and misunderstanding after another. Fans will know the lengths Larry will go to to prove a point, and this makes for compulsive viewing. The series follows Larry as he tries to navigate the world of social conventions around him which often frustrates him, and leaves others frustrated with him!




This Academy Award winning drama, starring Brie Larson and young newcomer Jacob Tremblay, features a woman at her lowest point, in an environment far from ideal to raise her son. Her way of coping is to create a sense of imagination in her child, but also sheltering him from a reality he has yet to experience. It’s a study of the relationship between mother and son, in a grim backdrop that yields no escape.



Based on true events, Spotlight details the Boston sexual abuse scandal through the (real life) Spotlight team at The Boston Globe, a tight knit group of journalists tasked with breaking a story they’ll likely never forget, nor will the wider public. As an aspiring journalist myself, I was drawn into the hard investigative edge – how far will they go to expose those responsible?




Controversial, perhaps, considering the maddening content here. Look, it’s a faceless man making an unholy mess of his surroundings, complete with piercing screams and erratic camera angles. Eggs, flour, and various other foodstuffs. Everywhere. You’ll either get it or you won’t. Still, all that waste makes me twitch.




Pick a person. Anyone. Come to think of it, doesn’t even have to be a person. Pick any person, thing, being from popular culture, it could be anything from your mother to Donald Trump to the hoover from Teletubbies. Akinator‘s job is to guess who you’re thinking of, based on a series of questions. Enjoy pushing the genie to his very limits, and marvelling when he manages to suss who you’ve chosen. Guess who for the smartphone generation.





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